COA Second Anniversary!

The world of the pub is one in continuous peril. Okay, that sounds somewhat hyperbolic, but ask anyone who, in the last couple of years, has seen their favourite watering hole struggle before disappearing completely, and they will tell you that it is a stone cold fact. And so, when back in the spring of 2013 I wrote about the new boozer on the block, The Coat of Arms in Fushimi, though I was hopeful that Jim and the guys could pull it off, I was privately worried that they would, like many before them, fall by the wayside.

Which is why, two years on, I am absolutely over the moon to announce the second anniversary celebrations of this great Commonwealth themed bar. And what celebrations they will be!

The shindig kicks off on Friday the 13th. Hmmm, ominous huh? Well possibly, but only if you are a man who has treated your woman wrong, because the birthday party will begin on the eve of White Day with a night of music under the banner of Tough Cookies: We don’t need your chocolate. The doors for this evening of eclectic female vocalist fun based on the themes of heartbreak, revenge and being SO over it, will open at 19:30 and be at the unbeatable price of ¥500. Kicking off the festivities will be Denise Hewitt at 20:00, followed by Coat of Arms’ very own Andrea Manning at 20:45 and headlined by the excellent Champagne Soaked Cookies, aka Aya Kawakumi and her band at 21:30.

To help you get into the spirit of the evening you can enjoy cocktail specials Scarlett O’Hara and Broken Heart as well as the Independent Woman’s drink of choice, the Cosmopolitan for a mere ¥700. The shows will finish by 22:00, meaning those of you needing to catch last train can get back in plenty of time, but the party will go through to closing, so you can stay to either celebrate your wonderful womanliness, or you guys can make it up to your lady for being the tool that you undoubtedly are (and guys, lets face it, we all need to do that sometimes).

For most bars that would be enough celebration, but as was the case two years ago, this weekend will see Nagoya’s St Patrick’s Day Parade, and as anyone who has been in our fair city at this time of year will tell you, it’s not a Paddy’s Day celebration without the Irish musical stylings of the one and only Brian Cullen. Saturday 14th will see Coat of Arms clearing out their top floor to let Nagoya’s favourite son of the Emerald Isle do his thing, and considering there will be shots of Jameson’s and cans of Guinness for ¥500, or green beer for ¥400, there will no doubt be plenty of Irish jigging going on.

The music, admission for which is again ¥500, starts at 19:30 with entrance upstairs half an hour before. But if you’re worried that a day of whiskey and The Black Stuff might get on top of you, it’s highly recommended that you stop by beforehand and get stuck into Coat of Arms’ famous Beef and Guinness stew, which at ¥850 is an absolute steal.

Well, after a weekend of frivolities, you may think that you, and your wallet, need a bit of recuperation. Well that’s where once again Coat of Arms comes up trumps. You see, Sunday the 15th is their actual day of anniversary, so they want you to come down and join them for their Sunday Burger Special.

You can pick up a classic burger for ¥980 or a cheese burger for ¥1030; both of which are, in NAGMAG’s opinion, amongst the best burgers in the city. But, as it is their birthday and they want to thank you for your patronage, they are doing everything at a 15% discount. (Why 15% you ask? Well, it’s because their anniversary is on March 15th. Had they opened on March 100th the whole lot would have been for free, that’s the kind of guys they are. Unfortunately that, obviously, couldn’t be the case.) So, if you want lunch and a drink: 15% off. If you want to sample the whole menu: 15% off. If you want to get there for opening time and drink away your weekend hangover until closing, that’s right, you guessed it, it’s 15% off.*

So, how does that sound for a birthday party? It’s got everything really, hasn’t it? Music? Check. Great food? Check. Great prices? Check, check, check. The only thing that’s missing is…hmmm. Nothing, apart from any residual fear I had about Coat of Arms’ staying power. Personally I’m looking forward to their 20th anniversary. That, I have no doubt, will be an absolute corker!

What: Tough Cookies.
Three female vocalist sets.
Time: Show opens 19:30, starts 20:00
Price: ¥500
Specials: Broken Heart, Cosmopolitan and Scarlett O’Hara cocktails ¥700

What: St Patrick’s Day with Brian Cullen
Time: Show opens 19:00, starts 19:30
Price: ¥500
Specials: Jameson Irish Whiskey, Guinness ¥500; Green beer ¥400; Guinness Stew ¥850

What: Birthday Burger Special
Time: All day
Price: Burger ¥980; Cheeseburger ¥1030
Specials: 15% off everything

2-6-12  Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya

*NB. Both NAGMAG and Coat of Arms recommend sensible drinking and, should you decide to spend all day boozing, while your bill will be discounted at 15%, any ensuing medical bills will not be matched with the same offer.

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