Club Sango Drops The Beats

One of the great things about the Nagoya nightlife is how dynamic it is. Just when you think you’ve hit up every bar, club and lounge, a new one opens. Or when you’re heartbroken that your favorite watering hole is no more, there’s a safe bet that something new and better will pop up in its stead. Nagoya is a city built on the idea of out with the old and in with the new. So goodbye, Amateras, and hello, Club Sango!

The space has been completely renovated for this brand new afterhours club, and Nagoya gained a stylish place to enjoy an extensive assortment of electronic music.

And while there is a lot to take in with the new design, one theme comes through again and again: comfort.

It might just be that new club veneer, but everything here says luxury. Plush carpeting upon entry leads you to the friendly staff who will greet you in tuxedos shirts and bowties. After paying the reasonable entry fee, you will follow the soft lighting towards the main room. For your bags and jackets, they have plenty of lockers, which is a nice change of pace from the venues that offer 50 lockers for a capacity of 500 people.

At this point you might find yourself wondering, why is it so quiet? The Sango sound system, along with the expert sound proof design, is unique in that the dance floor can be alive and jumping; while the staging areas remain quiet enough to hold a conversation. Even the bar, which is dance floor adjacent, is chill enough to chat up that cutie that’s been giving you the eye all night.

And speaking of the bar, it is stacked! With an easy to read inlaid digital menu in both languages, you will have no problem finding your path to inebriation. Most of their cocktails go for a single drink ticket (¥600), of which you will be given two on entry. They’ve also got an impressive selection of beers and wine coolers.

Once you have your drinks, you can find you way to one of their plentiful tables or comfortably-upholstered booths. There are even a few that are “Ladies Only”, for those nights you just want to chill with your friends. And if you are of the Platinum card-carrying elite, you can gain access to their VIP lounge complete with bottle service and snacks.

When you are ready to hit the dance floor, its central location means never being too far from your table and drinks. The DJ booth is perfectly placed at the head of the floor, with easy access to make requests. However, the stage is another no-man zone reserved for the occasional go-go dancers and special performances.

While the majority of Sango’s clientele show up after Orca closes its doors, they have a series of rotating events every weekend that continue to bring in people before midnight. For something beyond the usual rotation of EDM, hip hop and Top 40, you can start with the Fly High party every Friday which offers techno and house music. The first Saturday of every month is Showtime, an event dedicated to hard house and the bassier musics. If you like fast, repetitive electronic music that hasn’t changed much since the 90s, head to Herald Trance on the 3rd Saturday. And the last Saturday of the month plays host to the Star Day Ocean crew’s house and techno mixes.

However, the star of this rotary schedule has got to be the Drop The Beat party which starts at 21:00 every second Saturday and fourth Friday. Organized by the Sound Machine event planners, this event is a love letter to the four on the floor style that is house music. A collection of several young DJs, and a few wizened senpai, as varied as house music itself, they each have a distinct style. A Drop the Beat party is like traveling through the decades of club music, starting from the disco-inspired origins in the early 80s, through to the acid-tinged 90s and on to the electro bangers of the early 2000s. And the best part: absolutely no EDM.

Sango is the perfect blend of comfort and fun wrapped in a luxurious package. Whether it’s before the last train, or after Orca has finally kicked you out, it’s the perfect place to hang with your friends, grab a few drinks and shake that booty.

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