Churchill In Love: At the Nanatsudera Kyodo Theater September 12, 13 and 14

A Black Box Play
Written by Gary Beaubouef
Directed by Steve Pottinger

In the summer of 1959 the aging former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, his wife, Clemmie, their daughter, Diana and their 16 year old granddaughter, Celia, join the shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and his wife, Tina, on board the luxury yacht Christina for a brief cruise of the French Riviera. Also on board the Christina is the mercurial opera diva, Maria Callas. This is the setting for the September production of Churchill in Love by KPB theater.

As Onassis begins an illicit love affair with the opera star within the narrow confines of the yacht, Tina seethes with humiliation and plots her revenge. In front of this backdrop, Sir Winston reflects upon his own experiences of love and passion; the love of a woman, a nation, and the men he sent to their deaths in battle.
This story is told in the Black Box theatre Nanatsudera Kyodo Studio – a type of theater which strips away the outer trappings of theatricality, creating an intimate setting in which this engaging tale unfolds. It’s a small space with a big personality; a blank canvas upon which this vivid story unfolds.

Black Box theatre reduces productions to simple and elemental performances. This enhances the focus on the storytelling and  stimulates the imagination. The story is told in a way that allows you, the audience member, freedom to visualize the scenes as they are most meaningful to you.

As the actors are portraying real historical figures, the process of character development has been an interesting experience for the cast. Substantial research has taken place to remain true to who these people actually were, while at the same time using a bit of creative license to dramatize the roles. In the intimate setting of the Nanatsudera Kyodo Studio these people come back to life and interact naturally with each another in a way which engages the audience.

Tickets are available from cast members or The Red Rock Bar and Grill.  More information can be found at

Churchill In Love – Dates and Showtimes

September 2014

12th 19:30
13th 13:00  16:00  19:00
14th 13:00  16:00  19:00

Adult Advance Tickets         ¥2,500
Adult On the Door Tickets     ¥3,000
Student Advance Tickets     ¥2,000
Student On the Door Tickets     ¥3,000

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