Christmas at Komehyo (Until 12/25)

The Christmas season is now upon us, and if you are like me you will be scratching your head looking for something special for that someone special.

Shopping in Japan can be a challenge. Finding what you want at a price you can afford can take a lot of effort. First there is the fact that if you are looking for a variety of things then you might have to visit several shops to get what you are after. Also sometimes you just want to find something a bit out of the ordinary – something unique or of a really high quality. Finally when you do find what you are after it is often more expensive than what you might find if you were trolling the malls back home. It’s a problem.

That’s why I like to shop at Komehyo in Osu. This place has to be one of the best shopping experiences in Nagoya. Seven floors of new and used goods. Often you will come across things you simply can’t find elsewhere. This place has everything from vintage handbags and clothing to new and used brand items at prices you will find hard to beat elsewhere.

1F Jewelry

An awesome selection – great if you need to find a really special gift at an affordable price. Komehyo is having a sale on all Tiffany items and items produced by K Uno, known for custom-made jewelry.

2F Watches

Many people shop at Komehyo for the jewelry and watches. Here you will find an amazing selection. I found this cool retro Casio from the 70s that was only ¥1,500 and I also came across a whole load of awesome G-shock models that were all very reasonably priced. Of course they sell new and vintage timepieces from Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Patek Philippe amongst other brand name watches. Some on display had jaw dropping prices though! Still it is amazing what you will find here and you can always find a bargain.

This month Komehyo is having a sale on selected Rolex watches – ¥10,000 yen off, and all Rolex watches are on sale. Also selected used Omega watches are on sale and all Omega watches 5% off. So if a high-end time piece is your thing I highly recommend you drop by.

3F Brand Name Bags and Wallets

Komehyo stocks an incredible range of brand name bags and wallets from names like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucchi, Fendi… really the list is too long to mention. They have bags you won’t find at large department stores or brand shops. This month new model bags for this season are on sale for up to 25% off. Louis Vuitton unused bags ore on sale for a further 5% to 20% off from their already discounted price.

4F-6F Clothing

This is the main reason I shop at Komehyo. I don’t want to pay top yen for new items at Japanese stores – and I don’t find much a selection that is to my liking anyway. But Komehyo has an awesome selection. I mean these clothes may be used but most look brand new and have obviously been well taken care of. Also for me fashion is a real individual experience and I enjoy finding something special that I won’t see anyone else wearing. Best of all a large number of the items on sale are brand name goods – some actually vintage brand items that you just aren’t going to get anywhere else. So finding a unique present for someone back home that they would appreciate is a real treat.

This month used and brand name clothes are up to 50% off. You will also find that a number of winter jackets, coats, scarfs, gloves are available at reasonable prices. All brand name ladies shoes such as those by Christian Louboutin and UGG are 20% off until Dec 13

7F Used Clothes Sold By Weight

The 7th floor is really unique. You may have noticed that thrift store chic is popular among Japanese millennials. Well I’m pretty sure this is where a lot of them are finding their stuff. On this floor there are rooms of clothing you can rummage through and buy based on how much they weigh. The prices are from ¥1 to ¥4 per gram. The prices of all used clothes are 20% off Dec 4-6 and Dec 23-27

Komehyo’s main building is located where the Osu shopping arcade is bisected by Monzenmachi road. They also operate two other stores nearby, one that sells camera and electronic equipment and another that specializes in used kimonos!

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