Check Out Happy Joint For Cool Halloween Party Goods!


It’s time to start thinking about what you will wear to all of the Halloween events coming up. And if you are looking for something original or easy to wear yet still Awesome you should check out Happy Joint (not what you are thinking) – Japan’s largest online costume and accessory vendor. They have an extensive selection of clubbing and party goods – mostly focused on LED gear and glow lights – but also including lots of costumes and other cool stuff.

Happy Joint is run by a creative team of staff members who are active in the Tokai area party scene including DJ’s and VJ’s. Here is some of the stuff they sell:

LED / Glowing Stuff!


Happy Joint sells a large selection of novelty LED items which are fun, easy to wear and practical. If it glows – they sell it here!

Whether it is a cute costume, something strange or shiny, they have some cool gear to set you up for the big night. They also have a bunch of cosplay and metallic costumes.

As for those of you who will be taking part in “The Haunted” and “The Sexy” Halloween parties you should check out their booth at the event where you can pick up some last minute gear! Otherwise go to their website and check it out for yourself!



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