Centrair: Nagoya’s Airport

Centrair, situated roughly 35 km outside of Nagoya on a man-made island off the coast from Tokoname, services the Chubu area. While many international airports boast a diverse range of facilities, few could claim to be tourist attractions in their own right. Centrair, however, is just that: you’ll meet numerous day-trippers there whose journey will take them no further than the airport itself. Since opening in February 2005, it has been a surprisingly popular destination with locals, and you should expect it to be busy even outside of peak season.

Indeed, the airport is a cut above your average, run-of-the-mill transport hub. Not only is it attractively designed and defiantly modern – it’s also got some superb (and somewhat unusual) facilities.

There is an impressive selection of restaurants, most of which are to be found in the 4th floor Chochin Yokocho (Japanese) and Renga-dori (Western) theme zones. These areas also house a lot of the airport’s stores: both outlets for national chains, and ones run by local operators that are perfect for last-minute omiyage (souvenir) shopping.

If you’re looking for some more esoteric entertainment, you can’t beat Centrair’s Fu-no-Yu, on the 4th floor, a public bath from which you can watch the airplanes take off and land. Travelers who aren’t in need of a wash can just head to the Sky Deck, on the same floor, to enjoy some impressive views of the runways.

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People traveling to and from the airport will transit the Access Plaza, which links to the 2nd (arrival) and 3rd (departure) floors of the passenger terminal. This is the main point for transferring to ground, rail and sea transport.

By Rail

The Meitetsu Airport Line runs regular express and limited express services from Centrair to Meitetsu Nagoya station (¥870 one way), via Kanayama (¥810) and Jingu-mae stations (¥740). The journey from Centrair to Nagoya usually takes 35-45 minutes, although there is a special Rapid Limited Express service available, for an extra ¥360, that can cover the distance in as little as 28 mins. For timetables, go to www.meitetsu.co.jp/english/

By Bus

Meitetsu operates buses to Sakae and Fushimi and Fujigaoka. They also operate a convenient Centrair Limousine Bus which is available between the airport and Sakae and Fushimi which takes between 48 and 76 minutes depending on traffic. This limousine costs ¥1,200 for adults and ¥600 for children.

By Taxi

Most of the major taxi companies offer flat rates depending on what part of the city you are traveling to. Prices range from roughly ¥15,000 to central Nagoya. All taxis will charge an extra fee for using the bridge to the airport (¥350 for each way the driver has to travel). If you want to get into town quickly, you should ask them to use the highway (kosoku), which incurs an additional charge of ¥2,210 and includes the bridge fee. There is a 20% surcharge for travel between 22:00 and 5:00. Major credit cards are accepted, but it is a good idea to have some cash available, just in case.


When arriving, you can send your bags on to your destination by courier (takuhaibin): just drop them off at the delivery counter in the arrival lobby (2nd floor). Bags accepted by 11:00 will be delivered on the same day. When sending bags to the airport prior to departure, you will need to arrange to have them picked up by noon the day before. Prices are ¥2,160 per bag for departure, and ¥1,740 yen for arrival. For more information contact ABC at free dial 0120-919-120.


Coin lockers for small, medium and large bags, available for up to 5 days’ use, are located at nine locations in and around the airport.

Money Exchange/ATMs

Money can be exchanged at Travelex (7:00-22:30) at Access Plaza, Travelex (7:00-21:30) and the MUFG Bank (7:30-20:00 Teller / 7:00-23:30 ATM; open to 21:00 on 2nd Sat of the month) on the 3rd floor, and the MUFG Bank (6:00-22:00) on the 2nd floor.  A number of banks offer ATM service at machines located by the convenience store in front of the ticket gate in Access Plaza.
Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal. There are aptop computer desks equipped with AC100V power cords as well as seven free internet terminals, available in the departure lounge, after passing though the international flight security checkpoint.

Information is available in English via phone from 6:40 to 22:00

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