Tsuruma Park

Thanks to the vagaries of kanji characters, Tsuruma Park is

Aichi Arts Center

The Aichi Arts Center houses the Aichi Prefectural Museum of

Atsuta Jingu Shrine

Set among stately 1,000-year-old Japanese cypress (hinoki), Atsuta Shrine is

Higashiyama Zoo

The second most popular zoo in Japan has everything, including

Shirotori Garden

Those in search of a tranquil Japanese garden will be

Toganji Temple

A haven of peace, Toganji is home to Nagoya’s largest

Nagoya Castle

Originally built in 1612, the main keep of Nagoya Castle

Tokugawa Art Museum

Undoubtedly the most culturally significant landmark in Nagoya, this extensive

Nagoya City Museum

Featuring a permanent exhibition of the western part of Aichi

Osu Antique Market

Visitors and residents alike flock to the Osu Kannon Temple

Noritake Garden

A beautiful garden with greenery and flowers and historical red

Nittaiji Temple Market

The “Kobo Ennichi” festival market is held at Nittaiji Temple

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