Catching a Dream at The Chikusa Playhouse – Nov 23 ~ Dec 1, 2013

Dreamcatcher at The Chikusa Playhouse Nov. 23~ Dec 1

Creating and performing an original musical is, by any measure, a tremendous undertaking. Yet this is precisely the challenge that KPB Théâtre, a group of talented actors, and a host of dancers, martial artists, designers, and musicians have created for themselves. Opening November 23rd and playing 8 times over two weekends, Dreamcatcher will be like nothing Nagoya has ever seen.

The innovative script for this production was written by Gary Beaubouef, writer of last year’s successful black box theatre presentation The Elevator. Never one to allow his imagination or artistry to accept limitations, he approached KPB with the script for Dreamcatcher knowing that they alone would have the audacity to attempt something as grand as an original musical. Whereas their previous collaborations have been of a more intimate and contemporary nature, this time they bring us a classic battle between good and evil. Look a little deeper and you’ll find a tale of humanity, of the struggle that each of us faces to emerge from the darkness of our own nature, of the fight to forgive others and ourselves. It is a story of pain and pathos, of hatred and revenge, of brotherhood and love, and, in the end, of redemption.

Being an original musical, the whole production is set to beautifully crafted live music composed by KPB founder and show director, Steve Pottinger.  Though classically trained, he has drawn on an array of influences to create a unique, consistently impressive soundscape. Containing elements of rock, classical guitar, and Native American flute, it is an amazing achievement that demands to be heard. Perhaps the composer’s greatest triumph is the ability of his songs to evoke from the audience the very emotions that consume the story’s characters. One cannot help but feel the depth of their confusion, the weight of their responsibilities, the magnitude of their pain, or the power of their hope. The music of Dreamcatcher is, simply put, magical. But, what is a song without a singer?

In the end, the show will stand or fall based upon the performances of the cast. Considering how much of himself the director has invested in this show, trusting it to anyone must be difficult. Yet he has faith in those he has chosen to work alongside him. In this, he is not mistaken. The cast is, without exception, absolutely superb.

Made up of over 20 members hailing from all over the world, they bring both an incredible wealth of experience and immense enthusiasm to each rehearsal.  Everyone involved in the show recognizes the potential, the beauty, of what they have been given to perform. Though the director demands a lot from them, the highest expectations for their performances are none but their own. It is for precisely this reason that a cast made up of already talented singers and musicians has spent hours on vocal training under the expert tutelage of assistant director Aya Kawakami. They are driven to make this a spectacular show.

At its heart, Dreamcatcher as a production is about people who are willing to stand side by side in a grand endeavor. Not only has it drawn together a tremendous cast, but also a support team that includes dance instructors, martial artists, personal trainers, designers, artists, and musicians from all over Nagoya. Each has given freely of their time and expertise to make this show something special. Their help has been greatly appreciated by a cast that has changed their diets, bodies, voices, skills, schedules, hairstyles and lifestyles for this production.  By the time the curtain falls on the last performance, every hour given to rehearsal, every minute spent memorizing lines, every calorie cut and push-up done, every Capoeira practice and dance practice, every note sung in the shower or the studio, every drop of sweat and second of lost sleep and moment of pain will have all been worth it.

They will have brought our community a groundbreaking production, a true first for Nagoya, and something neither they, nor this city, will ever forget.

Show Dates
Nov.23 (Sat) 13:00 and 18:00
Nov.24 (Sun) 13:00 and 18:00
Nov.30 (Sat) 13:00 and 18:00
Dec. 1   (Sun) 13:00 and 17:00

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Student Advance: ¥2,000
Advance: ¥2,500
Door: ¥3,000

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