Cafe Restaurant Y’s: The Osu Burger

This yummy stack of protein is made from Owari Beef and served on a special bun which is made with condensed milk. The meat is kind of spicy as it contains cumin and oregano which pairs well with the sweetness of the bun, pickles, fried onion and a thick cut of tomato.

They’ve added a good portion of cheddar cheese and lettuce along with some crispy thin fries. You can also order other toppings including thick cut bacon. Oh and while you are here be sure to try the yummy Ube (purple yam) pancakes which are doused in coconut milk sauce! Superb!

If you are interested in even more innovative fare try the BEEF Hitsumabushi, a westernized version of a Nagoya favorite.

Located a 1 min walk from Osu Kannon Stn. Exit 4

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