Burgers 2018: BJ Sliders

It’s always the way; you open a menu, and you can’t decide which burger you want. At BJs that’s not a problem, as their slider set has three great choices all on one plate. This month at the American theme bar you can get their Californian Burger with avocado and Swiss cheese; their Texas Burger with bacon, cheddar and BBQ sauce; and their Spicy Chilli Burger with fried onions and chilli sauce all for an amazing ¥1500. The patties are all 70 grams of juicy 100% American beef, and the cowgirls that serve it to you are all stunning 100% Japanese beauties. Still hungry? Chuck in their special BJ Burger for an additional ¥500. Heavenly burgers and waitresses that are heaven-sent. What more could you ask for?
Do say: “Slide one of those burgers my way.”
Don’t say: “So, what does ‘BJ’ stand for…?”

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