Burgers 2018: The Risco Burger

Can you remember your first kiss; that long-awaited moment when your lips caress those of another; when tongues introduce themselves sending itsy-bitsy electric impulses of ecstasy down the spine? Well, let me tell you, eating a burger at Risco is an eerily similar experience! Risco is situated midway between Kanayama and Higashi Betsuin and is the perfect spot to indulge in the perfect burger.
The burgers are made by hand from a combination of Aussies beef, Matsuzaka beef fat and Matsuzaka pork mince. There is an extensive, and highly original burger menu to choose fron. I tried the Risco burger, mainly because it contained two toppings that I personally would never dream to add to a burger, namely: pineapple and BBQ sauce. However, instead of competing for favour with my taste buds, the combination of pineapple sweetness complemented the aromatic smokiness of the homemade sauce, producing an overall effect that was subtly sublime. The burger also came with homemade chilli, lashings of onions – cooked to perfection, fries and side salad!
I highly recommend this restaurant to burgies and burgettes everywhere, so get up and get down to Riscos!

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