Burgers 2018: The Oxo Burger

OXO is a well-known oasis of tranquillity situated in the heart of Kanayama Station and, therefore, a prime spot to relax and people watch after a long day of drudgery. We visited there around 4pm on a gorgeous day, so were able to sit outside, enjoy the convivial atmosphere, and eat a delicious burger. The Oxo burger is not pretentious in the least and forms part of a more extensive menu, some of which we could not help but sample.
The burger itself is reasonably priced and, for me, was cooked to perfection. Although not hand-made, it was more than presentable, and the bun was toasted to perfection. It was accompanied with the usual condiments and the overall appearance got the juices flowing. The staff were efficient, friendly and always willing to answer any questions. Overall, this was an enjoyable experience and I would certainly go again.

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