Burgers 2018: The 59’s Burger Heaven

You know when you’re loving your burger, but the bun gets all soggy and you’re left with a bready paste oozing between your fingers? 59s have solved this timeless problem by eschewing the bun altogether and replacing it with a layer of succulent meat, and then another layer of succulent meat. Yes, this bun-less burger is a whopping 300 grams of 100% Aussie beef (custom made for 59s by The Meat Guy) filled with two layers of cheese, a smattering of lettuce, a slice of tomato, and the saltiest, crispiest bacon you can find in Japan. Perfect for those on a no-carb diet or a particularly ravenous lion, and anyone in between.
Do say: “I’m buying a stairway to heaven.”
Don’t say: “Don’t have a cow, man!”

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