Burgers 2018: Shooter’s Meatza

If you thought deep frying a burger was not going far enough then you have also not sampled Shooters Mexigan burger wrap. These are two of their best burgers in my opinion but they both pale in comparison to the incredibly edible Goliath – the Meatza Burger.
This monster burger has all you would expect when a pizza and a burger have a love child. It starts off with onions, pickles and BACON which are sautéed in pesto sauce. Then they take a grilled all beef patty top it with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese and… pepperoni! All of these are carefully lifted onto a toasted bun and viola – The Meatza Burger is born.

This burger is delicious but I must confess I had to use a fork and knife as it was so much food that the bun couldn’t keep it all in place. Yum!

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