Burgers 2018: Macy’s Pineapple Burger

I’m going to let you all in on my dirty little secret: I #$%&n’ love pineapple, and I’ll eat it on anything. Baked chicken? Yes, please. Roast pork? Hell, yeah. On a pizza? I don’t even need any ham. I happily offered to take on Macy’s Hawaiian Burger. Located right next to Kamimaezu station, this trendy eatery has a very relaxing ambiance that makes it the perfect place to chill with friends after work, enjoying their amazing happy hour deals. And while they offer several different styles of burgers, their take on this classic is a stand out. The patty is an impressive 100 grams of beef that is only slightly thicker than the slice of grilled pineapple that it tops. Above the burger they place a thick slab of bacon and drizzle the whole thing with BBQ sauce. They also include a pretty hefty portion of iceberg lettuce and onion which offers a nice fresh snap. The burger is held together by a toasted sesame seed bun and served with an order of fries that they splash with salt & vinegar (addictive!). Mixing so many savory and sweet flavors together might be too much for some, but those with a more refined palette will appreciate the juxtaposition. Enjoy it with a glass of Blue Moon, which they have on tap. The sweetness of this wheat beer really ties the whole experience together.

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