Burger Fixin’s? Yoyo Market’s Got ‘em!

Summer sun, cool breeze, cute girls, and hot grills; it’s burger time in Nagoya! As you may have noticed, NAGMAG is all about BURGERS this month. So perhaps you’re looking to sit out in the park with your feet up while you sip a beer and enjoy your very own handmade masterpiece? Well, if that is the case, let’s get you set up with the good stuff! Let us help you locate all those burger BBQ necessities that you either won’t find at the local supermarket, or – if you can find them – will end up paying through the nose for here in Japan.

Burgers, burgers, burgers. What is it that every good burger needs fresh off the grill? Yup, you got it: buns! Whether you’re partial to the fancy whole-wheat buns, or if you like good ol’ fashioned white bread, your friends down at Yoyo Market have all the options; they’re stocked with both quality and quantity.

Now,  let’s see what kind of condiments we can slather on your burger. First and foremost: mustard! No fancy-pants-pardon-me, frilly mustard; we’re hooking you up American style with (ahem) French’s Yellow Mustard! It’s got that bite that’ll send you mind reeling back to the boardwalk at Coney Island.

Then, you’re going to need some ketchup. For the best deal in town on ketchup, Yoyo Market is the place to call. They’ve got 1.3kg squeeze bottles of Heinz Ketchup for ¥525; that’s a steal! And, last but not least, if you are a true burger connoisseur you are going to need some relish! Not the moment-savoring type, but that tangy sweet pickle fiasco that’s nothing short of a rave for your taste buds. Well, light up your glow sticks and lace up your New Balance, because Yoyo Market has the best deal on relish in town: 1kg of sweet pickle relish for only ¥895.

Ok, we got you salivating, so let’s discuss your meat; what are you gonna stuff in them there buns? How does so high grade New Zealand beef sound? Delicious, I’m sure! But perhaps, you’re not a fan of flame-licked cow… Not to worry, in addition to  Kiwi beef, Yoyo Market also carries the delectable Kirkland turkey burgers! And if Yoyo Market can’t tempt you with their meat, there’s still no excuse to show up at the BBQ empty handed! You veg-heads can load up on Amy’s California Veggie Patties, and keep those arteries pumping clean, clear, and whistle free.

So, make your summer fun BBQ list, and give Yoyo Market a call! In addition to everything we’ve mentioned thus far, Yoyo Market has a whole heap of snack foods and cheeses as well. Don’t forget, they’ll deliver everything right to your door. Time to fire up the grill! See you at the park!

Yoyo Market
Mon – Fri: 10:00- 19:00
email: support@yoyomarket.jp
Tel: 047-411-9213

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