Boobies Tattoo

Ever wanted a little piece of Japan you could take home and keep forever? Or perhaps you’re yearning to do something that will make your mother cry and regret she’d ever given birth to such an abomination? Whatever the reason, why not ink your memories of Japan with a tattoo! From traditional Japanese to tribal designs, new school or old school, the staff at Boobies Tattoo in Osu have spent the past five years making Japan a more colorful place.

As for the name of the shop, according to super-bubbly customer assistant Ban, “Boobies” is just a cool word (can’t argue with that). There’s nothing more to it than the cool factor, really – it is quite obviously attention-grabbing, but then so are tattoos. This place is a million miles away from the dingy seaside parlours of old: you won’t find any drunken sailors or hookers here, oh no! The staff at Boobies Tattoo are in fact on a holy quest to “change the general opinion of tattooing in Japan by providing a safe, well-lit establishment with hospital-grade cleanliness that females can feel safe going to alone”. With a mission statement like that, Boobies Tattoo is our inside tip for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize!

Whether you want to cover-up a mistake you made many years ago (that drunken ode to someone special who just isn’t so special anymore) or you fancy getting inked for the first time, Boobies Tattoo can be visited without making any appointment. Just drop in and have a look at some of the artists’ designs, or have something original drawn up to your satisfaction. “Oh, but I can’t speak Japanese!” you say. Well, some of the artists here can speak English, Chinese and Portuguese, so communication won’t be a problem.

Getting a tattoo done at Boobies might take a little longer than at a barbershop-style tattoo studio, but that’s because the artists here actually take their time to give you something they are proud to put their name to, and that you can be proud to show off around town. From the consultation stage to completion, you will be taken care of and can rest assured that whatever you walk home sporting, it will be one of a kind. So go on, get one!

Open: 11:00 – 21:00 Daily


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