BJ: The Pink

IMG_4389Taka at BJ is an extreme flair bartender. So we asked him to make us something special. He made us something very, very special. The “Pink”, a concoction he thought up during his time at Hard Rock Cafe, has an amazingly high alcohol content. How do you hide the strength of a cocktail like this? By coating the rim of the glass in sugar, of course.

I would definitely recommend the Pink to anyone who wants something strong and sweet. It’s combination of Barcadi, Gin, Vodka, Cointreau, Blue Curacao, Guarana, and other ingredients won’t leave you wanting. Anything other than a wheelbarrow to get pushed home in, that is.

BJ is re-opening in early June with a brand new menu! We tried out the Coke Burger, which is a burger with a kind of BBQ sauce made with Coca Cola and it was LEGIT! – RTM

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