BJ: The Oniton Burger

First I know what you are asking your self? Oniton? Yes well that’s the name of the special burger BJ is specially making for May. They do a special burger every month and this burger is a nod to Nagoya food and includes an onion ring wrapped in pork which is then battered, deep fried and gently placed on top of their mammoth 180 gram beef patty. The name comes from oni (onion) and ton (pork).

It comes with a lashing of – get this – velveeta cheese – and a special local hatcho miso sauce with sesame seeds. The result is a funky combination of Burger and something close to tonkatsu with a yummy onion ring along for the ride. BJ has always been popular for their food and along with the wide variety of Tex-Mex options they have an extensive burger menu. BJ (which obviously stands for Big Joy) is conveniently located in the Nishiki area of Sakae one block north and one block in from Sakae Exit #1. Enjoy!

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