BJ: The Big Joy Burger

BJ’s is well known for great food. The burgers are great, the ribs are great. Really they’ve got a great selection of everything including some Mexican food. Oh and did I mention the long bar and pole dancers?

Meat to bun ratio:
The Big Joy Burger is not one to be trifled with. In fact I think we are talking an entire cow here.

The fixins:
Thick everything. Thick cut tomato, Thick cut bacon. Also a pickle, three slices of cheddar, lettuce and, drum roll… one big ass onion ring. People burgers are getting so tall in this town it’s unfair to ask a reviewer to eat this in public. That being said once you start face smacking this baby nobody else exists. Perhaps it is the real char-grilled goodness or the toasty buns – I was – and still am in love with this burger. I will take it with me to my grave, ‘cause that’s how long it is going to take me to digest it.

The fries:
Seriously yummy fries at BJ. These are thick cut without the skin and not over-cooked. But I felt kinda like I was cheating on my burger by paying them any attention whatsoever.

I would recommend this place because…
Well first and foremost I have to say these people are my friends. I mean great friends. The bar staff are friendly, funny and good at their jobs. Plus it is a fun place to hang with friends. And did I mention the super 50% off drinks from 5 pm til 8 pm for NAGMAG readers? That goes for their hugeormous mugs as well.
– Carter Witt

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