"Belgian Beer Weekend" Starts Thursday April 23


The annual Belgian Beer Weekend starts Thursday April 23 in Hisaya -Odori park which is in front of Matsuzakaya in Sakae. The “Weekend” actually lasts until Wednesday May 6th which means that this year it is more of a “Belgian Beer Golden Week”

The event showcases a wide variety of beers from  Belgium which has 160 breweries and over 1,500 different beers. The event in Nagoya will feature a selection of 62 beers, some of which clock in at over 10% alcohol.

Of course if you have beer you want to have food and this year there will be Belgian Fries from FritKot and a Belgian Brasserie food court featuring all manner of fried meaty things. Heart healthy? Not so much.

In addition to the beer and food there will be live music.

Here’s the lineup:

May 2 at 18:30
May 4 18:00
May 5 18:00

The Valerie Solanas
April 24 at 18:30
April 25 at 18:00
April 26 at 18:00
April 28 at 18:00

May 1 at 18:30
May 2 at 14;00
May 3 at 18:00

Tickets and pricing:

Admission to the event is free of charge, however beer and food can only be purchased with tokens that you purchase.

If you are sure you are going then take advantage of the fabulously awesome ¥100 discount on the starter set pre-sale tickets which are available at 7-11 in-store terminals as well as Circle K, Sunkus and Ticket Pia. Use Ticket Pia Code 989-398

Basically the system is that you can only be served in your official Belgian Beer Weekend 2015 official glass. A “Starter Set” which goes for ¥3,100 gets you one original glass, and 11 drink and food tokens, a pocket guide and an event map. No cash is accepted at the beer and food stalls however re-entry is possible. Just bring your official glass and purchase additional tokens as you like.

While it isn’t cheap, it is something truly “International” and the weather may actually cooperate, for the first few days anyway.

More info HERE

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