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If you ever thought about doing other jobs besides teaching for a living then you’ve probably heard from friends about being a wedding celebrant. Many people who do this work find it a welcome change from teaching as it allows you to participate in a happy occasion and help make the day special for the lucky couple.

These days western-style weddings have grown in popularity and along with it the demand for celebrants who can a bit of theater and charm to the experience are in greater demand.
Deli Art is one such company which, among other things, organizes western style weddings in Nagoya, Okazaki, Shizuoka and some locations in Mie. While an ability to carry on a conversation in daily Japanese is requested, no experience is necessary and they will instruct you how to do the job.

They are looking for celebrants to officiate the most important day a couple experiences. This is a great job for people who enjoy witnessing other’s happiness, like to dress nicely and it is a great chance to communicate. Work is at various locations, so you don’t get tired of going to the same place all the time.

So if you think that being a wedding celebrant might be something you would enjoy doing contact Ito-san at Deli Art and arrange an interview!

Contact Person: Ito
Shinsakae Soleil Bldg. 301
2-11-2 Shinsakae, Naka-ku
(052) 228-7665
(052) 228-7669


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  1. I’ve received a telephone call from you but you cut immediately. I would like to know about how much you pay for a wedding session, travel time and transportation.

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