Beauty Rituals Private Salon

A new private salon, Beauty Rituals, offering a wide variety of beauty treatments tailored to foreign clientele, has recently opened in Sakae.

Run by Shiho, the salon offers everything from nail care to spa treatments and more. We spoke with Shiho about her salon.

NM: What’s the story of your salon?

Shiho: In 2012, I opened up my own nail salon and began by offering services only to my friends and acquaintances. By 2015, I had completed many different beauty-related courses and received training in India, Thailand, France, USA, and Bali.
After that I decided to open my own beauty salon in 2018. In addition to operating my own salon, I have been working with the Chunichi Beauty College and AJESTHE, the Association of Japanese Beauty Therapists.

How long have you been working in this field?
I have been working in beauty for seven years now, and I am very excited to start a new endeavor as a manager of the student salon at Chunichi Beauty College.

How did you get into SPA and Salon business?
A few years ago I worked as a nail artist at a day spa in Nagoya. During this time I had the opportunity to receive a variety of training in salons from top estheticians and prestigious beauty companies.
I was also fortunate to be a part of the AJESTHE team of estheticians who work for an international project called “YU-ZEN” which aims to spread the Japanese style of beauty therapy while establishing the code of professional conduct and techniques. Through the influence of my teammates and mentors, I was inspired to establish my own beauty salon.
What qualifications do you have?re
I am very fortunate to have received a variety of lessons from great beauty instructors as well as medical doctors, often in private, both in Japan and abroad.

My certifications and qualifications are as follows:

  • JNA Certified Nailist
  • Certified Spa Instructor for LCN Japan
  • Certified RYT-500 Yoga Alliance/Kids
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Ayurveda and Holistic Therapy Practitioner
  • AEAJ Certified Aromatherapist
  • AJESTHE Certified Facial and Body Esthetician

What are the primary services you provide?

I mainly provide a combination of holistic therapies for relaxation and machine treatments for effective skin care. However, I prefer not to provide services for clients with medical conditions.
Where do you provide your services?
I receive clients at two locations in Nagoya. One is a salon located within a beauty school near Nagoya station named Bella Dolce Sothys Day Spa. This salon offers menu using SOTHYS products.
The other is a small private salon located in Sakae. Although I am busy working at the student salon, I want to keep operating my private salon as my passion and providing services to long-term customers and customers that require extraordinary treatments.

What is the most popular kind of treatment you provide?

The treatments using state of the art equipment, such as the diamond microdermabrasion, depilation, and the photo facials are popular skin care treatments year-round. Foot spa treatments were very popular this summer.

Do you sell beauty products?
I offer beauty products at different price points to meet the various customers’ budget and needs. I believe that good care at home must accompany the salon treatments for a successful result. We have a lot of great products from both Japanese and European suppliers depending on our client’s preferences.

What is the most unique therapy you provide?
I provide mainstream beauty therapy. But the most unique is probably the Spa Luce treatments for legs. The Spa Luce products and treatments were recently developed by a Japanese beauty therapist / nail technician and a Japanese dermatology doctor, and all the equipment and products are made in Japan. Since it encompasses several brand new concepts that make sense, it is very popular. These are brand new products and only a few salons in Nagoya offer them presently.

What are your opening hours?
There are no set hours of operation as I work at two locations. You can reserve after 11am.

What makes your salon unique and appealing to foreigners?
Japanese people and culture are homogenous, and Japanese beauty therapy is not an exception. There are high quality Japanese products, but some of them do not work well on non-Japanese skin. I use SOTHYS products as well as selected Japanese products. SOTHYS is a French brand and used at the professional salons and Spas all over the world. It has been tested and proven to work with different skin type and different skin conditions. Our salon is unique as you can get these types of high quality SOTHYS treatments at reasonable prices.

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