Beach Life in Shinmaiko
May 28, 2017

Enjoy a day out at the beach at Shinmaiko, with a Chibikko Beach Undōkai (kids’ sports tournament)

Featuring such events as 4 person teams of Beach Tug-of-War; as well as Shinmaiko de Beach Volleyball (4 person mixed gender teams), Beach Flags, Beach Sandal Tossing and more.

The Chubu Minato Oasis Tourism & Produce Exhibition will also be running, with products from the Chubu-re- gion port towns of Gamagōri (Aichi), Tsu, Toba (Mie), Yaizu, Omaezaki, Numazu (Shizuoka) and Chita City.


A 10-minute walk west across the Fine Bridge from Shinmaiko Stn. on the Meitetsu Tokoname Line

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