Awesome Korean BUFFET At The Hilton!

Check Out the Hilton Nagoya Korean Food Fair Starting Feb 17th!

Interested in some authentic Korean food? Then be sure to check out the Hilton Nagoya’s Korean Food Fair beginning February 17th. Top chefs Kim Jun Yeol and Shim Jae Hong have been invited to Nagoya from the Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel to oversee the creation of a sumptuous menu of inviting Korean dishes to spice up the cold Nagoya winter months.

A Healthy And Delicious Way To Warm Up!

Korean food is famous for its spicy taste and for being healthy and well-balanced. In winter, the distinctively piquant flavors and steamy hot Korean fare are a great way to warm up and beat back the cold weather. Most dishes contain vegetables with spices such as red pepper, ginger, garlic, sesame, and green onions. Also Korean ginseng is often combined to enhance flavors, adding an invigorating edge to the cuisine. All of this makes Korean cuisine effective in relieving fatigue, heating you up, boosting your appetite, and improving physical strength. The combination of spices and ingredients common in the Korean diet are known to have a synergistic effect and many nutrition therapies employ the practice of using natural foods to aid healing in place of standard medications. Basically not only does it taste good – it is good for you!

A Wide Variety of Sumptuous Dishes to Choose From!

Of course the focus of this special menu is to showcase the best that Korean food has to offer. Here are some of the outstanding items on the menu:

Samgyetang Chicken Ginseng Soup
This popular dish is typical of Korean foods featuring ginseng. This is a soup made from rice-stuffed chicken which actually doubles the efficacy of ginseng. It’s called “The food of perpetual youth and longevity” and is considered beneficial for helping to build physical strength. This soup is rich in collagen and many women favor it because of its reputed ability to enhance beauty and health.

A popular Korean rice cake stew.

A hot and spicy soup dish made with tofu, seafood, and vegetables served in a stone pot.

Kalbi is barbecued short ribs marinated in a Korean soy sauce. They are also serving Bulgogi which is marinated barbecued beef. Yummy stuff!

The buffet will also offer a variety of awesome appetizers including Kimuchi (spicy pickled vegetables, mainly Chinese cabbages, with varied seasonings) and Japchae (made from sweet potato noodles and stir fried in sesame oil with various vegetables)

The Hilton Nagoya Korean Food Fair is a great opportunity to taste truly authentic Korean food and a chance to introduce yourself to an amazing food culture. This special menu offers the chance to enjoy food that is not just spicy and healthy food but delicious. Plus not only does everything taste great, it is all quite a feast for the eyes as well!

Korean Food Fair At The Terrace
(2F of the Hilton Nagoya)
Friday February 17th to Sunday, March 4th

Lunch Buffet

Adults ¥2,900 / Children Aged 4-12 ¥1,900

Dinner Buffet

Adults ¥4,200 / Children Aged 4 -12 ¥2,600

Tel: (052) 212-1151

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