Auto Glass Kawaguchi: Car Repairs in Nagoya

If you have a car, it is a fact of life that you are going to also have car trouble at some point. Masaaki Kawaguchi and his eponymous business Kawaguchi Glass are here to help!

True to their name, Kawaguchi Glass does offer a number of services related to glass:

Windshield Replacement

In addition to filling chips and cracks in, Kawaguchi Glass can replace your whole windshield. They have a number of options, but the main idea is that the glass the shop offers cuts nearly all of the suns rays (up to 100% of UV radiation and 90% of IR radiation), which is something you will really want to do – summer will be here before you know it!

Film Coating (tinting) 

Kawaguchi Glass will fix up your tint if another shop f**ked it up. Their coating cuts 90% of the sun’s rays, which will cool the inside of your car down and look cool at the same time. Great if you have kids or want to leave stuff in your car without it melting.

Body Coating (waxing)

You can get a shiny, protective finish on your car. What else is there to say? Actually, there is something. Kawaguchi Glass makes a big effort to use environmentally-friendly waxes, which I thought was pretty cool.

Other services:

While they’re working on your car, they can give you a loaner if you make a reservation. Kawaguchi Glass will write a receipt for your insurance too – fixing your broken windshield won’t break the bank.

Kawaguchi-san emphasized that he was willing to help with any kind of car trouble. Just give him a call or email; what’s the worst that could happen? Think of his service as a Nagoyan version of the classic radio show “Car Talk”.

I was impressed by Kawaguchi-san himself. Speaking to him, it was obvious that he took pride in his work and business, which I think you will be able to see in the results. It was a pleasant surprise after dealing with useless young punks at larger chain stores before.

Kawaguchi Glass is a 10-15 minute drive from central Nagoya. Put (052) 671-8872 into your navi and head over!

  • Interior detailing
  • Fixing cigarette marks
  • Vehicle or home security tinting
  • Heavy or special-purpose vehicle glass replacement
  • Home or building glass replacement
  • Home or building window tint application
  • Security glass installation
  • Hardened glass, mirror glass, safety glass
  • Bespoke custom glass
  • Body coating solvents for sale

Car dealers!

Masaaki Kawaguchi is interested in talking to you about business opportunities. Contact him at: (070) 2836-9168

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