Auditions for Hamlet Being Held Dec. 10 and 11

Nameless Media and Productions Theatre (NMP Theatre) will be holding auditions for the spring production of Hamlet this weekend Saturday Dec 10th and Sunday Dec 9th from 4pm to 7pm at the Nameless Media and Productions office in Fujigaoka.

For more info email or use the form on their website to sign up.

About The Production:

HAMLET May 11, 12, 13
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Carl Bradley

Japanese subtitles provided

The King of Denmark is dead. Mourning the loss of his father, Prince Hamlet retreats into a world of solitude and despair. However, after the ghost of his father reveals he was in fact violently murdered, Hamlet embarks on a cycle of destructive revenge that threatens to bring down the very state of Denmark itself.

Encompassing political intrigue and sexual obsession, philosophical reflection and violent action, tragic depth and wild humor, Hamlet is Shakespeare’s ‘poem unlimited’, a colossus in the story of the English language and the fullest expression of Shakespeare’s genius.

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