Aspara-Bacon Jagarico

Asparagus and bacon. Ever eaten the two together? I know yeah… maybe at a dinner party back home where it was served up as an hors d’oeuvre or something, right? Tasted good. As anyone who has eaten out  – I don’t know, almost ANYWHERE in Japan – asparabacon seems available at a stunning array of restaurants. Whether you are eating out at the local izakaya or at a family restaurant it is right up there with corn and butter as an option to go with anything from hamburg to yakitori. Whadafaq?

In an ever-desperate attempt to think of new flavors for the popular Jagarico snacks your local conbini is now seeing if you’d like some potato sticks flavored with asparagus and bacon to go with that Kit Kat.

The only real crime here is that supposedly (who  knows for sure right) some actual fresh asparagus was sacrificed to make this. Though I kind of doubt it. Also I had imagined these would be more like potato chips in texture but instead they have a super deep-fried won-ton crispiness that delivers the final blow – a cloying oily pork fat finish. Blech. – Doug Breath


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