Ask Kazuhide: August 2011

I know publish is late this magazine, but I want to congraturating the women Japanese nadeshiko polite and teamwork of soccer for the world cup victory against the angry and terrify rude of American women soccer team (with some smell). It was the morning glory day for japan.

Hi Kaz,
Do you think the all forigners that left after the earthquake should come back to japan again? i want an honest answer.
Dimitri Zacharo

Harro Dimitri,
It is not for me to say I want them coming back or stay home. This earthquake event is much like the kamikaze of many year ago that defeat the mongol invading. It shake the foundation of eikaiwa in japan forever. They shall not return.

Dear Kazuhide,
Do you think a taxi driver / pub crawl / relay race would be a good moral booster? Each city could use its’ most colorful drivers to highlight the best tourist bars. I wouldn’t want to share the places serious drinking happens…
Sparky Santos

Dear Sparky,
Drink and drive is excellent idea. I greatly encourage everyone to doing this for increase morale and happy feeling japan.

Dear Kazuhide,
How do I make the new Kirin drink Binegar and Mirku popular with my gaijin friends, they think it is a strange Japanese thing?
With love,

Dear Laurence,
It is best to give them the warm, bad taste beer first, something american or maybe the chinese. Eventually they realize is taste bad, then you give them the cool, refresh Kirin. Explain the extra flavor helpful for hangover 2 day yoi. But, I must tell you, officially, the my drink is Asahi Super Dry. Kirin is a very queer.

Hey Kazuhide,
My wife wants to move back to Japan but I don`t want to be an English teacher.  Any ideas for a job for Gaijin?

Dear Matt,
HA HA HA HA HA. That was very funny letter. Sometime my reader is write the comedy letter for fun. Thank you. Of course you want to be Engrish teacher. Korean wants to be massage girl, and black enjoys to play the basketball and hip-hop musics. Prease fulfill your destiny and stop to joking around!

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