Are You Going To The Walkathon May 20th?

The 21st Nagoya International Charity Walkathon will be held Sunday, May 20th at Moricoro Park Global Center (The site of the 2005 Aichi Expo).

This year the goal of the event is to raise 9 million yen for charity, meaning that the total amount raised over the years will reach 100 million yen. By any standard this is an incredible and laudable achievement which has come about through an extraordinary partnership of foreign residents and Japanese working together for their shared community.

The Walkathon is a fun social event. But make no mistake, it is a serious effort to make a difference for charities such as local orphanages and organizations that rarely get the funds or attention they deserve. Traditionally the Walkathon has aimed to give exclusively to the local community. Notably after the Earthquake and Tsunami last year funds were donated to efforts in Tohoku as well. This year the committee behind the event has decided to give 10% of the proceeds to help people up north in real need get back on their feet.

While the focus is on giving, the Walkathon makes raising funds a whole lot of fun. Anyone who has been to this event can tell you that it is perhaps the one time every year you can guarantee on seeing the whole of Nagoya’s international community gather in one place. In fact it is probably the best chance this year to see friends you probably only keep up with on facebook! Music, food, prizes, kids events and a special surprise are all part of this year’s bash.

Special iPad Game Competition
The Walkathon is literally joining the 21st Century (no pun intended!!) on this 21st Walkathon by running an iPad game competition for kids. The competition will run throughout the day with iPad prizes being given to the winners.

Music and Stage Events
As always live music and stage events are a focus of the event. This year they will have two stages again. The main stage will serve up some serious live music (see side article) as well as some dance performances. On the second stage they will have some of the charities perform and it will also feature belly dancers, Hula Hawaiian dancers and other fun acts.

Kids Activities
Last year the Kids Zone was expanded and the event is adding more new activities for tykes such a handmade paper airplane event by the Boy Scouts, a Downhill Derby by Children First, a Drum Circles space by Happy Beat, a bouncy “Treasure Hunt” and a bouncy “Plane Adventure” by Kondo Sanko, as well as a Hockey shoot-out by Santa and Friends. There are many more activities in the works so you can be sure that there will be lots of things to keep the kids active and having fun.

The “International Gourmet Street” is receiving a serious upgrade with lots of different types of food stalls. Local vendors such as Shooters, The Meat Guy, Red Rock, MyBar, Izakaya Janai, Tracks (from Hakuba) and Cafe Gift among others will be offering up a wide variety of tasty food and bevvies.

The Walk
The actual “Walk” part of the event is a 1.3 Km stroll around the park. It will begin after the opening ceremonies at 11 am and this year will be led by over 100 people in Samurai armor! Bring your camera!

The Deets
Again the the venue is Moricoro park. It takes place on Sunday May 20th from 10am.But get there early!

There are three ticket types this year:

Children or Students: ¥1,000
Adults: ¥2,000

There will be lots of great prizes for everyone to win again this year including hotel vouchers, restaurant vouchers, and airline tickets.

Those who purchase the SPECIAL ticket have a chance to win a fantastic holiday package including airline tickets and a Hilton Hotel voucher for a secret overseas destination to be revealed on the day of the event.

Again 100% of the ticket money will go to help Chubu Charities and Tohoku. Tickets are on sale now so check out the website:
or purchase them at the event site on the day.


Event Location: Expo Memorial Park

The 2011 Nagoya Walkathon will be held at the Expo Memorial Park in Nagakute. The Expo Memorial Park (Ai-chikyuhaku Kinen Koen) is the former location of 2005 Aichi Expo world’s fair.

By Public Transport

From Nagoya City:
Higashiyama Line (Subway) to “Fujigaoka station”, transfer to the Tobukyuryo (Linimo) Line, Get off at “Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen station (Expo Memorial Park station).”

From Toyota City:
Aichi Loop Line to “Yakusa station”, transfer to the Tobukyuryo (Linimo) Line, Get off at “Ai-Chikyuhaku-Kinen-Koen station (Expo Memorial Park station).”

By Car:
From the Tomei Expressway travel to the Nisshin JCT. Change over to the Nagoya Seto Road (Expressway) to Nagakute IC. Take the local road east for 2 km to the Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park.. From the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway travel to Toyota-Fujioka IC. Change over to Sanage Green Road to Yakusa Intersection. Continue west to Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park. From Route 155, turn west at Yakusa Intersection. Continue for 1.5km to Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park.

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