Architecture in Animation of Ghibli
July 15 - September 25, 2016

This exhibition of more than 450 pieces of production art examines the imaginary buildings featured in the animated films of Studio Ghibli in a realistic perspective under the supervision of architect Fujimori Terunobu. Conceptual art, setting model sheets and background art from Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind to When Marnie Was There are included in this exhibition which turns the spotlight on the buildings of the strangely fascinating works of Studio Ghibli, creating an exhibition space that is a fusion of the two and three dimensional. Explore the obsession of directors Takahata and Miyazaki with the architecture that forms the stage for their works.

Image: Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) © 2001 Studio Ghibli – NDDTM

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