American Dining Bar BJ: The Big Joy Burger

If you haven’t been to BJ’s lately, then you haven’t been to BJ’s! What? I’m talking about “Big Joy” of course! What did you think I meant?

BJ’s, located one block north and one block west of Sakae Exit #1, has a brand new menu and a brand new chef who is dishing out a shockingly extensive menu of full-on authentic American food. Just one peek at what’s on offer and you will wonder why you never came here before.

Front and center on that menu lies the “BJ Burger” (AKA the “Big Joy” Burger) which is a massive 180 grams of meaty goodness lounging on a pretzel bun and swaddled in crispy cheddar cheese. The BJ is armed with a crunchy gherkin and propped on top of a grilled tomato and a thick slice of caramelized onion.

This awe inspiring fist of succulent meat is a juicy exercise in hamburger eating which simply lays back and lets you do all the work. Once you tuck into a BJ Burger you are going to be at it for a while, so be gentle and take it nice and slow – a happy ending is in store for the punter who doesn’t just shove it down!

Vital Statistics
Meat: The Big Joy Burger is a quivering 180 grams of grilled meaty wonder. Juicy enough that it might just squirt you in the eye.
Bun: Pretzel. You read that right – Pretzel Bun. These guys are serious. The only thing better than pretzels and beer are pretzel buns with meat in them – and beer.
Fries: Thick cut but tender fried with just enough skin on them to make you feel like you are eating a real vegetable. And plenty of them!
Condiments: Pre-loaded with all the aforementioned items yet you can build your own burger by adding Blue Cheese, Bacon, Guacamole, Avocado, Chilli, Sautéed Onions, Mushrooms or Salsa.
Epic Win: The Big Joy has several siblings including the Texas Burger, The California Burger and the Straight Burger. They even have an awesome chicken burger. America, the land of diversity!
Dr. Seuss would… eat this in my bed, eat this, eat this till I’m dead!

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