Aloha Dining Lure's Lana

Aloha Dining Lure's Lana Since opening in 2012, I, among many others, have been in a love affair with Layer’s Aloha Dining; its great location next to the big Chikusa Aeon mall (so sorry Burger King), tasty food, and cocktails cool enough to match the breezy Hawaiian atmosphere of the restaurant.

This July, it re-opened with a new name and a new look: Aloha Dining Lure’s Lana. Thankfully, the team didn’t tamper with their winning formula. Rather, they added some fun new stuff.

There are some tasty-looking new additions to the burger menu, ranging from a big slab of sirloin steak sandwiched between two buns, to another with three different kinds of cheese. Yes, three different kinds.

Being my boring self, I went with the same burger I get every time I visit: the avocado cheese burger, a burger with avocado and cheese. It was yummy as always, but was packing a surprise between its buns (that’s what she said?). The size of the beef patty has jumped from a satisfying 110gm to a beefier 130gm. It’s a big change to the burger-salad-buns equation, and one out of one burger reviewers (that’s 100%!) agree that it’s a good one.

I chose a drink off Lure’s new Hawaiian menu to accompany my burger, the Pineapple Lassi. It shocked my system – so used to a fluid intake consisting of a soup of beer, coffee, and Coke Zero – with it’s awesome healthfulness: fresh pineapple, basil seeds (like the opposite day version of those tapioca balls that come with pearl milk tea at first), and a bunch of other stuff served in a Mason jar for style points.

Next time, I think I’ll commit the crime of skipping a burger and try the upside down pineapple pancakes from the new Hawaiian menu. They look good. The furifuri chicken with rice also got a rave review from my non-burger-eating friend.

As an aside, my five-year old thinks this place is the bomb because he likes the food, and more importantly, their bookshelf with a big enough selection of picture books and magazines to keep him entertained. It’s a nice touch, and he always asks to visit for lunch. So we do!

Aloha Dining Lure’s Lana 

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