Aloha Dining Lure’s Lana: LL Burger

One thing I like about Lure’s Lana is that they are always experimenting with their menu and recipes, and their burgers keep getting better and better. The LL Burger is excellent; the patty is tasty, and the generous amount of real bacon pokes out like a tongue. The fries and fried onions that come as a side are a nice touch. Lure’s Lana also has free detox water if you need something healthy after burgering.

Mine came with sweet chili sauce, but you can choose from several others. It has a lot of veges compared to some other places, the lettuce is like a delicious lush Hawaiian garden (not really, but you get the idea).

Lure’s Lana also showed me their new snack platter, you choose three or five of your favorites out of a bunch of different Hawaii-inspired dishes. The best part is that for all of April (and now all of May) ordering this platter allows you to get awesome Hawaiian Kona beer for half price. I don’t usually tell people because I don’t want them to drink them all, but the best one is “Big Wave”!

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