A Great Cut

Taika Nishida talks about the Japan Hair Donation & Charity

Did you know there are many Japanese children who have medical hair loss, and who are waiting to receive a medical wig so they can lead a happier life?

My name is Taika. And I am a Boy Scout with long hair. I donated my long hair last spring to a project called The Great Cut by The Longhairs to help make medical wigs in America.

When I cut my hair I learned that my hairdresser throws out good long hair that could be donated into medical wigs. I researched and found the NPO Japan Hair Donation & Charity (JHD&C).JHD&C was started in 2008 by two hairdressers. They found all the long hair that was thrown out to be a waste, and decided to use it to make the “OneWig”.

Since then, they have grown into a highly sustainable activity that has provided 374 OneWigs to children with medical hair loss. Currently, 246 children are waiting to receive a wig.

As a Boy Scout, I am working on my Eagle rank – the culmination of my Boy Scout activities. To earn Eagle rank I must perform a community service project. I decided to collect and donate long hair to JHD&C. I also hope to promote awareness on hair donations for medical purposes.

Did you know it takes 20 people’s worth of donated hair to make just one medical wig for a child?

Once JHD&C receives the donated hair, they sort it out into various lengths and process it. Here are the different classes:

L Size (amazing 50cm or longer!)
Perfect length for a long hair wig.

M Size (large S) (31cm to 50cm)
This hair will be used for medical full wigs.

S Size (shorter than 31cm)
Unfortunately, this length is too short to make a medical wig. But it can be used to make wigs that beauticians practice on, and by hair product companies for research. Money from selling this length hair is used to make the medical wigs given to the children with medical hair loss.

If you would like to donate your hair, follow these simple steps:

• Make sure your hair is clean and dry. Donating hair before it’s shampooed is actually best. Make a ponytail, and cut 1cm above the band.
• Place in a ziplock bag, and include information on:
1) General age
2) Is the hair treated?
3) Nationality
Contact Taika (me!) at taika.nishida@gmail.com for a mailing address.

I will collect your hair and send it to the Japan Hair Donation & Charity. Recently, there have been organizations claiming to be collecting hair for JHD&C, and selling it elsewhere. But my project has been approved by JHD&C, and I will make sure it arrives safely. My goal is donations from 60 people by November 1!

Q: Can you donate dyed hair?
A: Yes, you can.
Q: Is there a minimum length?
A: 31cm is the minimum length to make a shoulder-length medical wig. However, shorter lengths are accepted too!
Q: Can you donate hair that you’ve cut in the past?
A:Yes, they can work with any kind of hair!!

For more information and updates on my Eagle Service Project, check out the Facebook event page

For more information in Japanese on the NPO Japan Hair Donation & Charity, check out their websites:
(In Japanese)

(In English)

For more information on BSA Scouts and Girl Scouts in Nagoya, check out:

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