A Body. A Canvas
May 19, 2019

Becky Alp is bringing her ambitious performance art exhibition, ‘Dual’, to Nagoya’s Plastic Factory

Nagoya, and its expat community in particular, has long been home to a thriving art scene, but recently it feels things are beginning to take off in a big way. Exhibitions are being held all over the city, with installations and events popping up everywhere.

One of the key proponents of this flourishing scene is multi-disciplined artist Becky Alp who, since coming to Nagoya five years ago, has become one of a new wave of artists who are instrumental in breathing new life into Nagoya’s art world.

“Growing up on the Mediterranean, with its millennia-long history of mythology and folklore, I guess that it was only natural that I was heavily influenced, and I developed a great passion for mythological creatures, mysticism and mysterious faraway lands. Over the years this emerged into a deep artistic curiosity,” says Becky.

“I became fascinated by images and how the world was represented through the eyes of my favourite authors and artists, such as André Breton, Man Ray, Maya Deren and Francesca Woodman. During my time studying in London I cultivated a greater interest in photography and art, and from there my work advanced and I learned to express my inner chaos through these disciplines. As my artistic education evolved I began seeking out not only greater ways to progress and grow, but also others who share a similar vision.”

Becky found those others in Nagoya art scene cornerstones Jessica A. Robison and Sophie Goto, the guiding lights behind the creative community, Unbound Collective.

“Unbound Collective is focused on developing collaborative artwork in theatre, performance, art, photography, costume, modelling and film, and this multi-faceted outlook very much spoke to me, and I am extremely proud to be part of their movement,” Becky explains.

As part of Unbound Collective, Becky has exhibited work – primarily fine-art, conceptual photography and mixed-media combinations – at some of Nagoya’s more prestigious spaces as well as underground galleries, including the Foreign Artists Exhibition, Nagoya University’s ITbM Gallery and Gallery White Cube.

However, her coming performance art project, Dual, is perhaps her most ambitious work to date.

“According to metaphysical dualism there are two kinds of reality: the material and immaterial, that is the physical and the spiritual. My performance show, Dual, is an attempt to experience both the physical and spiritual reality in order to create an artistic amalgamation of the two worlds,” Becky explains.

“To do this I use just two aspects: a body and a canvas. However, as an immersive theatre experience, the audience, or as I prefer to call them, ‘the participants’, is just as important. Unfortunately, I cannot expand much further, as to do so would be to reveal too much to the detriment of the performance, but I can assure you, it is set to be an experience of the like that you will not have encountered before.”

“Dual”, Unbound Collective’s maiden performance art show, will take place at Nagoya’s Plastic Factory on Sunday May 19 at 18:00

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