Applying For a Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Visa.


I want to apply for a Highly Skilled Foreign Professional visa.

The Points-Based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals (HSP) was introduced in 2012 in order to encourage foreign professionals who have advanced abilities to apply for a visa. It is hoped that these foreign professionals will contribute to economic growth, create demand and improve employment rates in Japan.

Here are the advantages of a Highly Skilled Foreign Professional visa

1) They grant a 5 year period of stay.
2 ) They grant permission to engage in multiple activities during your stay in Japan
3) They grant permission for your spouse to work
4) After 3 years (instead of 10 years), you can apply for “Permanent Residence” visa
5) They allow for the permission for you to bring your parent under certain conditions.
6) Under certain circumstances such as income they allow for you to bring a household worker from your own country.

In order to obtain a Highly Skilled Foreign Professional visa you need to reach the minimum of 70 points in the HSP point assessment system.

The HSP point assessment system is designated and divided into three areas of endeavor:

(i) Advanced academic research activities
“Highly Skilled Professional(i)(a)”
(ii) Advanced specialized/technical activities
“Highly Skilled Professional(i)(b)”
(iii) Advanced business management activities
“Highly Skilled Professional(i)(c)”

For example the current visa status for each category are as follows:

HSP(i)(a) – “Professor” or “Researcher”
HSP(i)(b) – “Legal/Accounting Services”, “Medical Services”, “Engineer”, “Specialist in Humanities/International Services” or “Intra-company Transferee”.
HSP(i)(c) – “Business Manager”, “Legal/Accounting Services”, “Engineer” or “Specialist in Humanities/International Services”.

For each category, the system awards points based on academic achievement, work experience, annual income and other factors for each individual.

For more details about points system check out the GLocals website

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