Cool Stuff!

熱さまひんやりジェルマット (Cooling Gel Mat)
Tired of sleeping on a sweaty futon? Why not cool things down with this reusable gel mat. Think of it as a jello bed that absorbs heat from your body. Too bad for the kinky folks out there – it doesn’t seem to come in any flavors but “blue.”


靴クール (Cool Shoes Spray)
Sweaty feet and moldy shoes are a harbinger of bad things to come. This spray contains menthol and has a deodorizing effect, so it keeps your feet nice and cool. In just 2 seconds you can turn those petri dishes into popsicles.

MIRACOOL (Cooling Towel)
It’s a miracle! All you do is wet this towel and wring it out and suddenly you feel like you’re in Antarctica. It is a great product for when you are outdoors or locked up in a sweaty office building clawing at the windows for air. (Cute Penguin Not Included)


Shirokuma’s Summer Scarf (Cooling Scarf)
This scarf keeps you cool because it is utilizes a polymer to absorb water and sweat. The accumulated H2O and body juice stew vaporizes in the heat and keeps your body chilled. It also makes you look a bit like you’re about to pop onto a yacht.

パンチdeクール (Punch de Cool Freezing Pack)
This is essentially the summer version of the hokairo heating pads you wear in winter. Just punch the kawaii snowman and it gets cold instantly.



ひんやりスプレー COOOOL (Cooling spray “COOOL”)
This multipurpose product is like Mr. Freeze’s cold gun. Spray it on anything and it freezes.  By the time you’ve blasted your shirt, socks, hat, bed, cat, and whatever else you can think of you’ll need a cryogenic suit.

ひんやり枕 (Cool Fit Pillow)
This is huggy pillow has attached gel packs which keep you cool at night. The streamlined design naturally fits the contour of your body and has 4 pockets for cooling gels which you freeze before use. If you’re used to sleeping with a cold and lifeless semblance of a human being you’ll love the Cool Fit Pillow!


Solar Powered Fan Necklace
This environmentally-friendly fan can be charged by solar energy or by plugging it into the USB port of your computer. Hang it around your neck and turn the fan up to keep feeling – but not necessarily looking – cool. (Thunderbolt versions not yet available)

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