Events Today:

Harmonium Parlour
September 25

This open mic and art space is still the best

Ongoing events:


Animal Creators Carnival Vol.03
Until September 25

Animal and knick knack lovers won’t be able to resist


Rainbow Carnival
Until September 25

A physical representation for the theme of this year’s Triennale,


Pinhole Camera Exhibition
Until September 26

Designers from all genres (ceramists, illustrators, photographers…) present their pinhole

Upcoming events:


NAGMAG presents Coindrop 62 at GC Live
September 26

NAGMAG’s weekly live streaming podcast Nagoya Buzz is proud to

September 27

Following in the style of bands like Dinosaur Jr. and


Architects of Air
October 1 - 16

From the outside, Alan Parkinson’s Lumarium series of inflatable sculptures

More events

Check this out:

Four hands of the family,  a baby, a daughter,  a mother and a father. Concept of unity, support, protection and happiness.

Good Parenting Requires Good Self-Care

I’m always surprised by how many parents feel guilty any


Foreign Artists Exhibition – Call For Submissions!

In November 2015, the thirtieth anniversary of the FAE took

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