Events Today:

Ghost of Matsubara

Another chance to catch the music of Mr. Fallon with

Ken Boothe

In the 60s, this smooth-voiced singer brought the rocksteady Jamaican

Upcoming events:

Nagoya Swings

Nagoya Swings dance workshop happens the third Sunday of every

chaos night

Turning the sea into monsters is making their debut at

Ron & Tony

One half of local alt-rock band The Jerks, Ron Schröter

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Check this out:

Private Salon Beauty Rituals Open Near Ikeda Park in Sakae

A new nail salon has opened up in Sakae. Beuty

New ‘Genki’ Targets Unattainable, Says ALT Union

The level of genkiness expected of Assistant Language Teachers in

Japan’s Quest for 100% Homogeneity Takes Drink Form

Japan’s target of attaining 100 per cent homogeneity throughout its

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